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OpenFlow-DMM implementation has been tested for Ryu 3.17 and above and it requires OpenFlow 1.3 or above. 

  • Install Ryu as explained here.
  • Make sure that the switches managed by the network controller have OpenFlow 1.3. support.
  • Configure the IP of network controller on the switches.
  • Download the OpenFlow-DMM source code from here.
  • Extract the tarball at a filesystem's location of your choice.
  • Open the file with a text editor of your choice and edit these variables as you wish:
WLAN_IFACE = 'wlan'
GW_IFACE = 'gw'

WLAN_IFACE is the beginning of name of the switch's interface where the users connect to (i.e. wlan0, wlanA1, etc. will match).
GW_IFACE is the beginning of name of the switch's interface acting as gateway (i.e. gw0, gwA1, etc. will match).

  • Make executable the file
$ chmod +x
  • Run the network controller:
$ ./


Quick test

  • You may run a quick test using Mininet. Please check Mininet's webpage to properly configure your environment.
  • Once you installed Mininet, you may run the following command in order to see how the network controller detects the switch attchament:
$ sudo mn --switch ovsk,protocols=OpenFlow13 --mac --controller=remote,ip=<IPADDR> --topo tree,depth=2,fanout=4